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Employee experience discovery

Why use our Employee Experience discovery?



This isn’t about wasting half your budget on expensive databases or software upgrades. This is about figuring out the data and technology strategy for your HR team to run as a well-oiled machine, giving your people the best experience possible.



Mutual Lifetime Value is a metric that encourages an excellent working experience across all areas – from employee to employer, and vice versa. 



But the current HR model does not facilitate this. Why? Because current employee experiences try and support the behaviours and mindsets of the average employee. 



Our approach leads to greater reputation and culture, careful preservation of knowledge and skill, and even fruitful new business partnerships in future through long-lasting employer-employee friendships.

What’s included?

Let’s get talking

Surveys, interviews, connections. Hear what your people want to say, so you can act on it! 

Data to develop

Understand your current data flow and how it can be improved to consistently capture people’s thoughts and develop user stories and journeys. 

Analysis and results

Understand the picture the data are painting for you to make informed, decisive next steps.

Insights &

A beautiful stakeholder report ready to articulate what’s needed next. Plus a few little bonus ideas from Freeformers on practical next steps you can take. 

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