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How can we help you refresh your employee experience?

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How we discover


Surveys and interviews

Dig into your people’s working realities: the good, the bad, the ugly.


Data ecoystem workshop

Examine your data assets, flows, and any pain points for your people.



Explore behaviours among your people and map them to user journeys.



Bringing the insights together, we create recommendations for success.


What you’ll get:


5 Behavioural Archetypes to understand exactly why your people do what they do.


A map of your data ecosystem to understand the assets, flows, and pain points for your people.


Deidentified, accessible survey and interview data to help you make more informed decisions in the future.


The current user journey map to understand what your people are going through and where they might start to get disengaged with your organisation.


A potential future user journey map to create an incredible employee experience, resulting in lifelong advocates for your business.


A feeling of being valued within your workforce. Asking these questions and taking time to listen helps your people immediately feel more invested in, and in control of their own employment experience.

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Dig deep and discover

If you’re taking the time to redesign your employee experience, it’s worth doing it properly. Cutting corners is a false economy.

Instead, take the time to really understand what your people need. Delve into their challenges, get to grips with what they love or hate, and use human-centred design to truly connect with them. 

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