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We design your employee experience, either bespoke to you, or from a selection of tried and tested products.

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A laptop displaying a Venn diagram. The left circle is "A Business: Employee Lifetime Value." The right circle is "Its People: Employer Lifetime Value." The centre is "Mutual Lifetime Value."

Here’s what others have to say about Freeformers:


No quick wins, but how about a jump start?

Dive right in and boost your employee experience with our “ready to go” packages. These products solve problems that we’ve seen time and time again. They’re ready for you to pick up and run with, with Freeformers on hand to help as much as you need.

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Building bridges, not burning them.

Nobody should hate their job. Life is for living, and work should be part of that living – not simply a way of making it. We’re believers in a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and business, and between business and employee.

We exist to build a mutually fulfilling employee experience and make the world of work better for everyone.

Two facts for you:


Everybody deserves to be fulfilled at work.


People who are fulfilled at work perform better and drive the success of the organisation.


In other words – mutual fulfillment is a win-win. One we’re devoted to sharing with our clients.

No one deserves to frown at the thought of work.

If you feel the same – and can see the performance power of a working world where everybody’s back is being scratched – then let’s talk.

Together, we can make a better working world for everybody.

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