Customer Experience for Employee Experience.

We call this CX4EX


CX4EX is taking the tried and tested principles of marketing – customer experience – and applying them to HR – employee experience.


So how do we do this?


CX4EX: Mutual Lifetime Value

Our methodology proactively, practically, and measurably brings about the change people deserve in the workplace, driving success your competition would love to emulate, that will benefit you and you people for years to come.

The core truth that guides all we do is Mutual Lifetime Value:

Some HR functions have made a start in considering Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV). This is the value a person adds to a business over their time there – but this does not go far enough.

What remains unconsidered is Employer Lifetime Value (ERLTV) – or the value the business adds to that person. This might be in terms of personal and professional development, remuneration, benefits, health etc.

Combining ELTV and ERLTV provides a picture of the overall mutually beneficial employment experience.

We call this “Mutual Lifetime Value”, or MLV. Our services and products help you create employee experiences rich in (measurable!) MLV that drive performance upwards.


We give an F.
5 of them, actually.

The employee experience spans a range of touch points that can be refined to boost MLV significantly. We call them “The Five Fs”. And, frankly, they’re fantastic.

Our model demonstrates how all these areas are connected in one cyclical ecosystem. We can help you make marked improvements in each of these areas of the employee experience.

F1: Fascinate F2: Fit F3: Fuse F4: Flourish F5: Five stars (Connected to each F): data and tech

🤯 Fascinate

Employer brand and talent attraction. If you fascinate the people who’ll thrive in your organisation, they will come.

A strong employer brand can:

And those who come for the right reasons are more likely to boost MLV figures and succeed in the environment you provide for them.

💬 Fit

Recruitment. Craft a superb recruitment experience like no other to secure your best matches and maintain a polished reputation.

👋 Fuse

Onboarding and induction. Employee meets employer, and now it’s time to deliver the goods. A great onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%, with 69% of employees staying for three years.

Craft an experience for new starters (and their teams/leaders) that’s as amazing as possible.

🌱 Flourish

Growth, development, and culture. The entire working environment should be one holistic, enjoyable, stimulating experience.

High employee engagement leads to:

Give your people what they need, and then get out of the way while they do what you hired them to do – and more.

🤩 Five Stars

Exit and advocacy. Make sure those who move to pastures new leave stellar reviews with a compassionate, thoughtful exit plan when they go. You never know when you’ll meet again.


Where’s the evidence?

We’ve crunched the numbers to work out the commercial impact of applying customer experience principles to your employee experience.

We’re looking for forward thinking business to test this with in 2024, so let us know if you’re convinced.


Unlock opportunities for your business

Start thinking of your people as your customers and unlock opportunities for increased productivity, happier employees and a better experience for all.

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