We’re Freeformers.

And we’re a movement.

A movement of people, for people.


We’re Freeformers. We believe nobody should hate their job. Life is for living, and work should be part of that living – not just a way of making it.

We don’t think anybody should have to put up with work. Endure it. Take it lying down. Tough it out, grin and bear it. Brave it, weather it, cope with it, handle it. Take it on the chin, suck it up, get on with it through gritted teeth, get through it, get past it, get over it.

Survive it.


There’s more to life than that.

We all deserve a better world of work.


Our mission at Freeformers is to create that better world. For everyone.

One workplace at a time.

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Our values


There are things we should do, and things we shouldn’t. And we always strive to do the things we should when it comes to how we treat each other, our clients, other people, and the wider world around us.

We believe in transparency and honesty in good times and in bad. We believe in equality, showing respect, understanding, and fairness to people from every walk of life. We believe in working with purpose, with morality, ethics, and the will to do good at the forefront of every decision. Not most decisions. Every decision.

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We’re obsessed with quality because we believe everybody deserves it. We’ve had years of customers receiving the best quality of service, while employers and employees settled for poor quality relationships of subservience and resentment – and we’re determined to turn things around!

Seeing quality as a fundamental right means we have to achieve it in all we do. This isn’t just about meeting expectations; we’ll only deliver something if it surpasses expectations. This ethos saturates our operation; we only work with clients who expect incredible quality from us, and we only work with partners who’ll deliver the delight we insist upon.


Empathy, care, and listening to what others need are key to how we solve problems. They’re at the heart of human-centred design, and they drive our business model as we explore what people need to be more fulfilled, what gets in their way, how they communicate, how they prefer to work. We don’t make decisions for them; we make decisions together.

Our understanding extends beyond end-users to project partners, stakeholders, and key business associates. After all, we’re all people, and we all need to be heard! So we create long-lasting, mutual connections of understanding with everyone we encounter, revolving around a human core of asking, listening, and doing.

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Freeformers Logo

Our team


Toby Kheng


I am on a mission to help small to medium businesses adopt #CX4EX not just as design principles, but also in the way businesses design their HR strategy, build their tech stack and hire a superstar HR/People team.


Emilie Forrest


I am all about making work fulfilling. A place that works for everyone, where everyone has what they need to be the very best they can be. I want to help people automate the daily drudgery, make evidence based decisions and put people at the heart of everything.

Our Associates

Ali Betts

Associate Facilitator

Too often, work can feel like wading through treacle. I dont think I’m going to change the working world, but if I can help someone’s time at work feel less treacly, maybe that will change their world for the better…


James Molkie

WASSAA, Design Partners

The team and I are designing a more beautiful world, for everyone. We want to bring our experience from designing things for consumers and apply it to the employee experience design.


Jen Long O’Hare

Associate Writer

I’ve been there and done it when it comes to that Sunday night dread. I don’t want anyone else to have to wear the t-shirt. We’ve all got to work – let’s make it the best experience possible, for everyone involved. Happier people, happier results.


Pete Forrest

Associate Developer

I choose to work where I am respected as a person, not in terms of effort or resource. I want it to be the norm for everyone; it shouldn’t have to be a choice to be respected for who you are.

No one deserves to frown at the thought of work.

If you feel the same – and can see the performance power of a working world where everybody’s back is being scratched – then let’s talk.

Together, we can make a better working world for everybody.

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